Amanda Hofer

Lismore NSW 2480 - Brisbane QLD 4000

Transformational Kinesiology has given Amanda a solid process and understanding to use all of what life brings for her evolution into Soul Consciousness. It has been her Guiding Light through chronic illness and pain. She lives and teaches the Ageless Wisdom authentically with enthusiasm, passion, and joy.


Clinic: 02 6689 5508
Mobile: 0404 359 396

Grethe Fremming

Grethe Fremming and Rolf Havsboel are the founders and directors of Polaris International College and the Polaris Center, Denmark.

Grethe is continuing their work after Rolf’s death in 2012.

Their foundational and innovative research and practice in the Transformational Kinesiology Program and as pioneers in the field of kinesiology TK is well known in Denmark, Germany, The United States, Switzerland and Australia.

Ilona Diessner

Albany WA 6330

Ilona has been training in Transformational Kinesiology since 2002 and is passionate about esoteric healing.
Ilona is also a Transformational Kinesiology & Energetic Anatomy instructor who runs workshops throughout the year.



Clinic: 55 Drew St, Mira Mar, Albany 6330
Mobile: 0414 704 560

Gail Anderson

Gail is a Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist with a particular interest in energetic medicine, which led her to study Transformational Kinesiology. Certified through the Polaris College in Denmark, Gail is both a practitioner and instructor of TK.

With many years experience in energetic medicine, Gail combines a wealth of knowledge with natural facilitation and teaching skills. Her TK workshops are practical, hands-on, informative and fun.

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