Before starting on my TK journey I was unhappy with who I was, desperate to live as a more authentic and aware being. TK has been a wonderful tool that has changed my life in deep and profound ways. Gail's unique insights and her sense of compassion create a safe environment in which the inner world can be explored. TK has addressed many templates that no longer served me and helped me unburden myself of past baggage. Today I live a fuller life, I am the happiest I have ever been and I enjoy who I am today. TK allows me to continue evolving and growing on my life journey so that I may experience more and more of my truth. I am deeply grateful to Gail for her commitment to TK and for the changes she has helped me make in my life.

— A. Badawi

TK has changed the boundaries of my personal awareness, the mind opening to a vastness which extends without limit. My relationship to life has lifted, transformed. I amgrateful for the workshop awakening in me a flow of love, beauty and inner stillness.

— Robyn Hennings, Registered Nurse

I did everything I could trying to help my adolescent son come to terms with a family breakup 9 years ago, everything! One TK session turned it all around for him. The transformation was incredible. He gained confidence, overcame his feelings of loss and was able to act like a 15 year old instead of being fixated at age 6.We are both so grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

— John Mitchell MA, Teacher

Gail Anderson is one of life's angels... Her treatments have affected my life in the most and profound and concrete ways. With her guidance and skill I Have overcome (sometimes ancient) ingrained and destructive personal beliefs that were manifesting very real and painful consequences in my daily life. What amazes me is the immediacy and profundity of the change.

— Dr. L Cooper

TK has enabled me to let go of my colitis instead of holding on to those thoughts which needed to be expressed through colitis. Thanks to TK, I was able to control and then master the condition.

— Susan Spiers, Visual Arts, Head Teacher

Transformational Kinesiology is the best process there is for removing blockages and allowing freedom of expression from the Inner Self to come through. Gail is a fantastic facilitator of this process and I always recommend her to everyone I encounter who is seeking growth and transformation. The beauty of each session is the journey of your own awareness in discovering and removing limiting patterns. I am amazed at the origins of discovery that have emerged in my sessions; be it from childhood, within the womb, past life or recent events. The freedom that comes from resolving blockages is unbelievable, yet it's absolutely real and not fanciful imagination. You just know it is so. If you want positive growth that is truly inspiring, go see Gail!

— T. Marsanic

The work with Transformational Kinesiology is pioneering. Future generations will look back on this time as the beginning of a whole new way of healing. I do not know of a healing modality with such complete effectiveness and such lasting quality.

— Dr Dennis Merrington, General Practitioner

The profound and gentle TK process has enabled me to embody that which before I only knew. Now insight becomes a practical, creative living reality. TK has empowered me to use all life's experiences in a joyful, transformative way. It has increased my ability to observe the antics of the personality, making apparent the beautiful essence of the Soul in all.

— Dr. Lyndy Sumerhaze, Author and Co-leader of the White Eagle Star Centre for Sydney

I was introduced to Transformational Kinesiology when I needed it most. It has shown me a new and exciting career path.

— Barry Wood, Kinesiologist

These workshops are life-changing. What's more they're also fun. Take an open mind and just do it.

— Jan Wren, Director, Marana Consulting Group