Conscious Parenting

These are children who have been born since the early 80's. New waves of new souls here on Earth began birthing in greater numbers from 1987, the time of a harmonic alignment of the planets known as the “harmonic convergence”. 

These ones are the loving guides for our future creations on Earth and each one holds a specific vibration and awareness of the light and love essence that is the fabric of our energy as human beings and for humanity’s awakening to unconditional love.

They carry the inner energy and gifts that are able to transform our world from a fear based reality to a reality based on this very essence of light and love.

The New Children are unique in that they carry a higher vibrational energy in comparison to the vast majority of humanity. They each carry gifts that are unique to them and gifts they share with others who also share a similar vibration to them.

They are open to change and the manifestation of the qualities of Angelic energy in our society such as peace, love and compassion and are willing to accept and create new modes of doing things.

As these children carry a higher vibration they need to receive education and connection to their parents and friends, and support based on a vibration that resonates with them.

In order to maintain this natural vibration and energy as they grow and develop they need a higher vibrational attitude and intention both with their parenting and their education.

My vision... is to bring recognition and honouring of the New Children, that they may grow with an open heart, with love and respect for themselves.

Imagine, if as a child... you were understood and guided to know that you held a special gift.

Imagine, if as a child... you knew that your heart was pure and held endless love, and when you connected to this, all your answers could be found - that your greatest teacher was within you.

Imagine as a child... if you knew that no matter what happened in your life, you were whole and beautiful.


Conscious Parenting Workshops

Conscious Parenting Workshops

These workshops are one day workshops and are suitable for parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, health care practitioners or anyone caring for these children.

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Transformational Kinesiology is the best process there is for removing blockages and allowing freedom of expression from the Inner Self to come through. Gail is a fantastic facilitator of this process and I always recommend her to everyone I encounter who is seeking growth and transformation. The beauty of each session is the journey of your own awareness in discovering and removing limiting patterns. I am amazed at the origins of discovery that have emerged in my sessions; be it from childhood, within the womb, past life or recent events. The freedom that comes from resolving blockages is unbelievable, yet it's absolutely real and not fanciful imagination. You just know it is so. If you want positive growth that is truly inspiring, go see Gail!

— T. Marsanic

The profound and gentle TK process has enabled me to embody that which before I only knew. Now insight becomes a practical, creative living reality. TK has empowered me to use all life's experiences in a joyful, transformative way. It has increased my ability to observe the antics of the personality, making apparent the beautiful essence of the Soul in all.

— Dr. Lyndy Sumerhaze, Author and Co-leader of the White Eagle Star Centre for Sydney

Gail Anderson is one of life's angels... Her treatments have affected my life in the most and profound and concrete ways. With her guidance and skill I Have overcome (sometimes ancient) ingrained and destructive personal beliefs that were manifesting very real and painful consequences in my daily life. What amazes me is the immediacy and profundity of the change.

— Dr. L Cooper

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